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delicious FOOD

Dalby’s Delicious and Delightful Festival celebrates its diverse population with an annual multicultural festival which focuses on multicultural food and entertainment and includes a spectacular lantern parade.

One of our main features to this event is Delicious food!

We offer opportunities for Commercial food stalls to join us with their Multicultural Flavour

as well as Community groups or Organisations to join us in this unique event

Take your tastebuds around the world

with the wonderful and unique flavours available at our

Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival

Each year we offer a wide range of multicultural dishes at our festival and of course have a few favourites attend

This year will be no exception to the variety of flavours to tantalise your appetite!

In 2023 we hope to DeLIGHT you in every sense of the world with some wonderful changes to one of our favourite parts of the festival!


Get your community group or organisation involved in one of Dalby's greatest Festivals

Create the opportunity to be involved in the festival and embrace multiculturalism


Have your food stall be a part of Dalby's greatest festivals 

Embrace multiculturalism and share your delicious foods!

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