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Artisans Markets

 Arts & markets

This year we have decided to adopt a new approach to our general market stalls - in 2023 we are wanting to embrace local and unique talent in our

Delicious & DeLIGHTful Artisans Markets

So we are inviting art groups and artists as well as local creative arts and displays to showcase their talents and work at Anderson Park along the beautiful new pathway along Myall Creek near the old Pump Station

These art groups or individuals can consist of, woodworkers, blacksmiths, floristry, macrame makers etc, regional art groups, individual artists, and the like

Art Groups and Artists are encouraged to be involved in a number of ways

  • Having Information about their activities and works

  • Having an activity or workshop to engage visitors

  • Having an exhibition of works for display and or purchase

If you or your art group is interested please apply by the 28th June 2023

you are welcome to contact us for further information at


Apply Now

Apply by the 28th July 2023

to secure your spot

Regional Art Groups and Local Artists are encouraged to apply

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