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The most unique feature to our Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival is our 

Lantern Parade

For the past 12 years we have invited the local community to get involved and wowed crowds with our unique lanterns

As part of a project run by Dalby Welcoming Community Inc in 

We had the opportunity to learn how to create unique lanterns that have taken our festival to the next level

We even had the opportunity in 2018 to create Inflatable lanterns adding more DeLIGHTful entertainment to our Lantern Parade!

On average in our lantern parades we have had over 700 small lanterns made by the local schools, kindergartens and even nursing homes

plus a vast array of Large Lanterns that local businesses and individuals have created

Some large lanterns even get recycled over the years to create a new and unique structure!

Since our beginnings we have created unique themes to our Lantern Parades such as

Around the World


Cartoon Heroes

Under the Sea

Dalby - It's the People
The Outback

Our 2025 Festival theme is


What can you expect to see?

A huge variety of wonderful lanterns that we invite the community and YOU to help create!

in June we will be offering the opportunity to engage in our Lantern Workshops, where you will be given guidance on how to create your very own small or large lantern!

So why not join in or get your business or organisation involved in this unique event!

Details on how to join are below




What started as a "bright" idea from one of our committee members has 

now become a Dalby favourite,

A unique part of our Festival that locals and tourists alike look forward to each year

It all began as an art project that Dalby Welcoming Community Inc., worked with a lantern expert that provided workshops to teach us how to create large lanterns out of bamboo cane and wax paper along with other supplies

Since then our local community, organisations and businesses along with our committee members have created a wide array of amazing large lanterns,

And in 2018 we trialled a new form of large lanterns with inflatable lanterns that added a new unique dimension to our festival

Throughout the years we have reused and recycled and re-created large lanterns from our previous ones, giving them a new lease on life!

Just like our Murray Cod, who turned into "Bruce" from Finding Nemo

and then into a Whale!

Or our Inflatable electric eel, that then became a Chinese Dragon

This year YOU will be DeLIGHTed at what lanterns we have in-store for you!

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