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get involved

There are heaps of ways to be involved in our DeLIGHTful Festival!

From being a major sponsor or joining in with your community group in certain aspects of the festival, or simply lending a hand!

We are an event completely run by volunteers so any help is appreciated and much needed, and what better way to be a part of this fantastic event than to join in on the fun!

Below is a range of areas you can be involved in - More information coming soon!


sponsor us

Sponsorship is incredibly important to the festival
Without the support of sponsors,
our festival simply would not be able to proceed

Dalby’s Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival has some amazing sponsors who support the festival with money, equipment, skills, support and time

As sponsors come on board, they will be added to our Sponsors’ list so they can get maximum exposure for their contribution

Download the 2023
Sponsor Prospectus here


Dalby’s Delicious & Delightful Festival is about building a strong and vibrant community

Dalby Welcoming Community provides opportunities for community groups and organisations to fundraise by providing services at the festival


Dalby’s Delicious & Delightful Festival is about building strong connections within the region

Dalby Welcoming Community offers opportunities for Businesses and organisations to sponsor aspects of the festival

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