dalby's delicious & Delightful Festival

Dalby’s Delicious and DeLIGHTful Festival is Dalby’s signature festival

taking place each August. 

It is organised by Dalby Welcoming Community Inc.

It embraces an Art Exhibition throughout August with the main festival

being the fourth weekend in August.

The festival features an amazing array of multicultural food and
entertainment with the unique and spectacular lantern parade being the
highlight of the festival as it moves along the banks of the beautiful Myall

Creek that runs through the centre of Dalby.

Embracing and celebrating Dalby’s diverse community, it attracts locals
and visitors alike.

There’s something for everyone, from children and

families to young adults and the elderly.


The festival offers a varied range of activities including a Grand Opening
Parade, a Talent Quest, Colour Run, Mini-Olympics, Children’s area, an
Australian Citizenship Ceremony, a Wellness Expo, an Art Walk, Cooking

Demonstrations and a Fireshow.


There’s food to taste, performers to watch and games to play. In short, a

fun festival to be enjoyed by all!

see taste play enjoy

Dalby Welcoming Community Inc.

Dalby Welcoming Community Inc. is a small but vibrant community group
that aims to make Dalby the best place to visit, live, work and play. It does
this through a number of activities, the main one being the organisation of

Dalby’s Delicious and DeLIGHTful Festival.

Dalby Welcoming Community, formed in 2008, became incorporated in

its own right in 2016.

The festival has become a whole of Dalby event as schools, kindies,
sporting groups, service organisations, youth groups, multicultural groups
and other community groups contribute and become involved in the


For the past two years Dalby Welcoming Community has organised an Art
exhibition in August. In 2018 it was a Many Cultures- One Community
exhibition where the story of people from 30 different cultures was told on
30 different photo-boards highlighting the variety of cultures in the


In 2019, 80 Dalby Seniors were involved in a Billycan art Project where
they created patterns in the bottom of their billycan while exercising. They
were linked with school students who told their senior’s story and again
photo-boards were created with the art, the story and photos creating an

amazing exhibition.


Skilling Queenslanders for Work Program: Dalby Welcoming Community
is currently running its fourth Community Work Skills program where 15
participants, mainly born overseas, study for their Certificate 2 in Skills for
Work and Vocational Pathways while gaining their work experience
through their involvement in Dalby’s Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival.
In the past three years Dalby Welcoming Community has been very
successful with the 2019 cohort achieving 100% employment. Dalby
Welcoming Community is proud to help people from other cultures

become an integral part of our community.

RUOK Day: For the past two years Dalby Welcoming Community has
joined with Lifeline Darling Downs to challenge the Dalby community to
have a thousand voices sing one song with a celebrity singer to raise
awareness of the importance of checking on others and supporting

everyone in our community. Tania Kernaghan and Brendan Walmsley

have been our celebrities in 2018 and 2019.


The Physical Environment is an important aspect of any community and
Dalby Welcoming Community committed to a number of projects after it
developed the Myall Creek Masterplan. In 2010 and 2011 the group won
Healthy Community Awards totalling $800,000 to develop the city section
of the Myall Creek precinct and project managed the development.


In 2019 Dalby Welcoming Community commissioned renowned 3D Street
artist, Jenny McCracken, to paint a giant caterpillar on one of the walking
paths in the precinct. This has been a huge hit with people out walking.



  • Myall Creek Master Plan

  • SQW Queensland since 2016

  • Large Lantern Workshops

  • Welcome Packs  - Say G'Day initiative

  • 3D Street Art - near Patrick St Bridge


  • Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival Annually since 2010

  • RUOK? Day Involvement

  • Tania Kernaghan Concert 2019



  • Dalby Coffee Express Newsletter

  •  Women's Networking Group

  • Conversations in English

  • RUOK? Day Involvement

  • White Ribbon Breakfast Involvement

  • Say G'Day  - Australia Day 


  • Many Cultures One Community Exhibition

  • Billy Can Art Project

  • 3D Street Art with Jenny McCracken

  • Current Project - Dalby Peoplescapes




Queensland Multicultural Awards 2017

Finalist & Winner 

Queensland Training Awards 2020



This unique and successful program by Dalby Welcoming
Community and the Queensland Government

involves the participants in many of the

behind-the-scene aspects of

Dalby’s Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival

Participants take part in designing and building lanterns, assist in
planning the layout of the festival at Anderson Park, organise stall
holders and play an incredibly important role at the festival.

All of these activities are related to the units in the

Certificate 2 in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways.

This Skilling Queenslanders for Work Programs assists in equipping
fifteen community members each year to develop workplace skills
and build social connections leading to their jobs of choice.