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our Community platter

As part of the festival in 2023

"Our Community Platter"

will again focus on the foods produced locally.

 Dalby area is well known for its cereals, grains and pulses - many farmers locally grow cereals and pulses and we see this as a huge opportunity to do something very unique to entertain our visitors and showcase our region at the same time.

We have invited Celebrity Chef Jan Cranitch

to help us showcase these foods in unique cooking demonstrations and we will be inviting locals and families to join in the fun with the

Family Fun Show-off/Cook-off Competition

Check out our specialty markets with our stall holders highlighting food and local produce from lamb to garlic and all things in between. To have a stall  at

Our Community Platter Markets phone 0419645671

Check out all of the Delicious & DeLIGHTful fun at the

Community Platter Area


George Anderson Park


Meet our celebrity chef


Jan Cranitch is a qualified Brisbane-based chef with over 30 years of experience.

She specialises in Bespoke Cooking, as she custom-makes everything to suit her clients’ dietary needs and wishes.

Jan is an avid supporter of using natural, unprocessed ingredients and sources local produce where possible to support local suppliers.

Jan has conducted many cooking demonstrations with clients and has been featured at Brisbane's EKKA as well as Brisbane's V2 Food & Wine Show

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, Jan's demonstration at our Festival will offer valuable tips, tricks and recipes you’ll love. 


cooking with jan

Join Celebrity Guest Chef Jan Cranitch for four cooking demonstrations with 

Grains and Grazing products.


Jan will demonstrate the simplicity of creating unique dishes with a range of local meats, cereals and pulses.



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